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My Story

The magic started for me when I was in high school taking my first photography class. I remember being in the dark room, watching a photo of my brother and dog appear before my eyes in the developing tray. Pure magic! From that one moment I was hooked.

I’ve been working as a photographer since the mid-eighties, when I took my first job shooting pictorial church directories. Photographing family after family was hard work, truly in the trenches of my field, but it was also a great way to grow. I learned a lout about working with people as a photographer from planning the shot to executing the perfect image. It also taught me about workflow, planning, and delivering on a large-scale project.

The passion of that first photography class and the knowledge I’ve gained over the years combine in the work I do now. I embrace new technology with every step I take, still getting excited to see the smile on peoples’ faces when they see a print come out in seconds before their eyes. It’s that same magic I felt in school, and it’s my passion to help people experience that same magic.

Are you planning an event you want beautiful, vibrant images of? Looking to create a unique experience for your guests? Contact me today for a discussion and custom quote for your project.


Simplicity, Creativity, Quality

Event photography can be complicated, and no one wants disruptions to their event, especially event planners. I know this more than most. As a photographer I’ve covered a wide variety of events in all types of conditions, from the Arthur Ravenel Bridge Gala to Monday After the Masters. I’ve handled corporate events for Intel, IBM, Boeing, Allstate, the PGA, Comcast, TD Ameritrade, Volvo, Asplundh, Frito-Lay, and many more. All of these events, with all of their challenges, have helped me grow and develop into an experienced creative professional who can help you.

From planning to execution, I will be with you every step of the way for the very best event photography possible.